Krystal Klear Flirt
Krystal Klear Flirt

Krystal Klear Flirt

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These ultra-defensive blue light blocking frames are designed for those who tend to work extended hours in front of the screen. Anti-blue light factor of the lens provides sheer protection to your eyes during continuous screen exposure. Thermoplastic frame of the glasses is super light and comfortable to wear all day long.



• 100% Brand New High Quality Blue Light Blocking Glasses


• Material: Stainless steel hinges, thermoplastic frame and anti-blue light lens


• Health Benefit: Reduce signs of eyestrain during extended screen contact. No more eye fatigue, faint vision and headache.


• Versatile pair of eye glasses can also be used under a hot sunny day


• Stainless steel hinges are corrosion-resistant, lasts new for eternity